Voice over Marketing: Why It’s Important for Your Business

When companies start working on their marketing strategies, many of them neglect some key techniques or take shortcuts using the well-used excuse, “it’s not important.” Professional voiceovers are one of these important techniques you must apply in your marketing strategy. Voice over marketing is an essential tool for your business, and in this post, we will explain why.

A few years ago, I got involved in creating training videos for a food chain which was spending big money on their training department. Before I was involved, the client was convinced that he wanted to use their training staff to record the videos, so he purchased a cheap microphone and went ahead with the recording. When I started listening to their previous videos I was in absolute shock. A multi-million dollar food chain that has spent millions on their image has slipped down the drain simply for deciding not spend a cent on voice over marketing. You are probably asking yourself “why should the training videos be professionally recorded if only the staff are going to listen to them?”

When you are a company of this size with hundreds of employees, your best source of marketing is your staff. Before creating an image for the public you need to invest in creating an even better image for your staff who will then go out of their way to promote your business, and remember; every opportunity counts.

Leaving your company’s image on the backburner for a second, if you are creating training videos for your staff, you must ensure your messages are delivered correctly. With a professional voice talent to manage your voice over marketing campaigns, you will feel the emotions and connect with the characters on the screen. The other obvious reasons are the clarity of a professional voice talent, the perfect pronunciations, and the exciting delivery that won’t let your staff fall asleep. All this is part of your voice over marketing strategies.

Voice over Marketing

I have a staff member with a great voice, why can’t I use him?

You might think that all it takes for a great recording is someone with a good voice, but once you hear the difference for yourself you will understand that this statement is false. First, you need to work with an actor who also has great audio recording and editing experience who has access to quality recording equipment. When you are looking to reach potential clients, investors, or even staff that you want to take you seriously, using a professional voice over service as part of your marketing strategy is highly advised.

Experience is another reason  why you need to go pro and take your voice over marketing seriously. Your worker might have a clear and beautiful voice but he does not have the experience a pro voice talent has. An amateur reader will require many takes to achieve the right sound, tone, and timing required for the project. Even then, the final product is nowhere near as good as a professional take.

Cutting the story short, voice over marketing is a very important tool you must implement in your marketing strategies to stand out, and you should never take shortcuts.

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