Choosing A Professional Voice Over Talent For Your Projects

Finding the ideal professional voice over talent can be frustrating, especially with all the options available for you online. Below we will discuss the different areas you should concentrate on when doing this decision.

  1. Choosing a trusted platform:

The sky is the limit when looking for a professional voice over talent and the first step is to find a platform that can be trusted. We would suggest staying away from market places with thousands of voice talents. While in some cases they could be great, these types of platforms are usually open for anyone to sign up and present themselves as professional talents, therefore look for professional agencies such as that hand picks their talent out of the thousands available. While agencies might cost slightly more, but you can be assured they have done most of the hard work for you and that they will be providing you with only the best talents.

  1. Determine your audience:

Even when approaching professional services, make sure you know exactly what you want. If you are the one choosing the talent, ensure the professional voice over talent has a voice appropriate to your audience. For example, if you are recording a book for kids you might want a calm and sweet type of voice, which will make the kids feel comfortable. If you are recording a radio spot for a Hip-Hop concert you want to have a strong voice full of energy and excitement and not a calm voice. Also, keep in mind, most of the professional talents can adapt to most scenarios and adjust their voice to your needs. If you need a specific performance ask the talent for a demo of something similar

  1. Research the talent

If you are choosing to work with a talent directly, ensure you are hiring them from a trusted platform which has reviews from real customers. While some talents can sound amazing, their service could be a nightmare. The last thing you want is a talent that does not communicate well with you, slow to deliver and does not want to follow the client direction. This is a critical point for us at when hiring a professional voice over talent, we have absolutely no room for talents that cannot provide an exceptional service for us and our clients.

  1. High quality is a must

When choosing a professional voice over talent make sure they can deliver high-quality content. There is no point working with a great voice when their recording equipment is not as good as their voice. If you are not an expert with audio qualities, go back to our first point and choose a professional service that has professional audio engineers to ensure the quality of your recording is exceptional.

professional voice over talent


  1. Ask for a custom sample

Don’t be shy to ask for a custom sample. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how the recording will sound like in a chosen talent voice. Most professional voice over talent will provide custom samples if you are a serious customer, so go ahead and ask the question


Good luck finding the right professional voice over talent and feel free to contact us to give you a personalized advice on your projects.

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